You bought some blushes today because you took advantage of the huge sale at the mall. But are you sure they are appropriate to your skin-type? Maybe not.

But here are some ideas shared by Carmindy when choosing blush on to apply to your face:

  • Light skin looks loveliest with blushes in the peach or pink family.
  • Ladies with medium-toned skin, play up ypur cheeks with mauve, rose, or terra-cotta blush shades.
  • For gals with chocolaty skin tones, the brighter the blush shade the better.
  • Dark-skinned ladies should avoid dull, brown blush colors: they look muddy. Instead, choose bright bold floral shades and blend on lightly for a freah look.
  • Rose blushes provide a natural, youthful flush for mature women.
  • Blushes from the coral color family are universally flattering. When in doubt, go coral.
  • Oily-skinned gals should stick to powder blush to create a smooth finish.
  • Ladies with really dry skin should opt for cream blush for a soft, moisture-enhancing finish.
  • Normal-skinned gals should consider switching from powder blush to cream blush in the wintertime. As temperatures drop, your skin needs all the moistureit can get.
  • Cream blush is the best option for mature skin: it restores radiance.

You can’t blame other women who are fond of using blushes even if they are just buying weld nuts at the hardware store.