If you’ve ever had a sunburn, then you know that it can be painful.

One way to help prevent a sunburn is by using the best SPF 30 sunscreen possible. There are other SPF levels that you can get depending on how fast your skin burns and whether you’re an adult or a child as children would need a higher SPF.

Sunscreen doesn’t just protect against sunburns. It helps with several other health conditions as well that can keep you looking younger and healthier.

Although Vitamin D is good for the skin and the body, the UV rays are harmful. Sunscreen can block out the UV rays while allowing the vitamins and minerals to enter the body. The risk of some sin diseases can be lowered when using sunscreen while outside. It can also prevent premature aging. You won’t see as many wrinkles or small lines along the edge of the face that you would see if you didn’t use a sunscreen on the skin.

When you spend a large amount of time outdoors and find that there are brown moles on the body or that you get a lot of sunburns that affect the deeper layers of the tissue, then you might increase your chances of skin cancer.

Sunscreen will help to prevent skin cancer, especially melanoma. This is a type of cancer that is more common in women. You will also find that the skin doesn’t look as blotchy, especially on the face. Red veins on the face usually won’t erupt as easily, either. These are common on the nose and in the chin area.

If you don’t want a bronzed look, then apply a generous lather of sunscreen on the body. You could still see a bit of color on the skin, but it won’t be the same golden color that those who use tanning oils or a lower SPF number would see. You want to apply sunscreen at least every two hours, more often if you are in the water or if you are in hot weather where you will sweat the lotion off of the skin.