Have you ever looked into the mirror and noticed that your face is aging faster than you feel?

While it’s only natural for wrinkles to begin appearing as you age,that doesn’t mean that you have to let them ruin your appearance.

Thanks to advances in cosmetic treatments, anyone can make dramatic changes to their skin without having to go under the knife. Unlike plastic surgery, cosmetic injections are a non-invasive way to turn back the clock. In just one half hour session, you can erase the look of fine lines and crow’s feet for months at a time.

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Botox has been used more than more than 30 years as a cosmetic treatment. The FDA first approved it in 1980 for patients suffering from uncontrolled blinking and lazy eye syndrome. By 2002, it had become popular as a cosmetic procedure to decrease frown and smile lines.

Today, it is widely used by clients of all ages, genders and races for its anti-aging benefits and cosmetic enhancing effects. In fact, it has become so mainstream people even attend “Botox parties” in which friends and family undergo injections in the comfort of their own home. Either way, it’s definitely a procedure that you can keep your own little secret, or go with a girlfriend to obtain.

Although this substance is a toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum, it is significantly diluted and is not harmful in small doses. The procedure softens your wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals to the muscles in your face, preventing them from contracting. Unlike plastic surgery, it does not require anesthesia.

The more injections a client receives over time, the more the treatmentcan train your muscles to relax. Patients can minimize the look of wrinkles, all without drastically changing or permanently altering their features.

Most people will enjoy the anti-aging effects of their secret remedy for four to six months before another treatment is necessary. The cosmetic injections are performed with fine needles that create only minor discomfort. The treatment is administered within a pinprick of a minute and clients will be out the door within a half hour, which is especially beneficial when compared to the lengthy recovery period often associated with plastic surgery. After a single session, patients will see full results within three to seven days. With plastic surgery, it can be months until results are even apparent. Meanwhile swelling and bruising can lead to a painful and unsightly recovery process.

If you want to erase the sight of wrinkles from your life, cosmetic injections are your best option. Book a consultation with a reputable clinic with years of experience helping their clients achieve natural results. The Toronto-based clinic Skin Vitality (www.skinvitality.ca) is known as the top Botox provider in the country, and is available for a free consultation. Bring reference photos of the look you want to achieve and be candid about what problem areas you would like to have eliminated. A trusted physician can advise you on how many sessions you’ll need to see complete results and prepare you for the procedure.