A typical woman would really love wearing makeup. Of course, makeups add more beauty but should be properly removed or your facial skin will suffer.

Here’s some suggestions by Carmindy:

1. Swipe a cotton ball dipped in mineral oil across stubborn makeup. It will melt off.

2. To remove eye makeup, use soft cotton squares dipped in makeup remover and wipe gently. Avoid using toilet paper, it’s too abrasive.

3. Dip a Q-tip into a makeup remover and sweep across the lash line to remove waterproof eyeliner.

4. Baby wipes are handy for removing stubborn eye makeup. Carry a couple of individually wrapped baby wipes in case you end up on a pal’s sofa at 4am.

5. If you’re stuck without your usual cleanup gear, clear lip gloss can be used as an eye makeup remover.