Precious little daughters always bring joy and extra doses of sunshine in a family. Treasured like the most exquisite gems and protected like the finest china, daughters are also showered with the most wonderful gifts their parents could give them. Their whims are indulged and their sweet little dreams turned to reality.

Being a princess is every little girl’s dream and, though not born into royalty, parents can still make this simple dream come true – even for just a day.

sugar pageant dress On her special day, give your daughter a royal treatment and bedeck her in one of the extravagant sugar pageant dresses little girls dream of wearing. Add a tiara to complement her beautiful floor-length pageant dress and she’ll be twirling like a princess all day long. Invite her royal subjects and give them a treat as well with a ball fit for the monarchs. Make sure you prepare a banquet fit for royalty to make her birthday truly memorable.

To ensure that your little princess stays grounded and doesn’t grow up to be a self-centered primadona, make Princess Diana her inspiration and show her that true princesses have caring and generous hearts. Better yet, take her to an orphanage and show her how happy other children are when they are also given sugar and spice and everything nice.