Our busy lifestyles often speed up the aging process with stress and environmental factors damaging our skin cells and making us appear much older than we are. As much as we want to just relax and to stay away from stressors at work, we just can’t. The best thing we can do to stop the clock is to start a good skin regimen that can effectively curb the signs of aging.

Start your beauty regimen for younger-acting skin with Glymed Plus products that contain only certified organic botanicals and technologically advanced ingredients. You’ll find no harsh chemicals that cause more harm than good. There are over 100 products from 8 product lines that address various skin types and problems.

With the 4-Step GlyMed Plus Skin Protocol, even the busiest career woman would have time for a beauty regimen. With the appropriate GlyMed products, one would be able to effectively Cleanse, Treat, Balance, and Protect her skin every day. The first step is cleansing using a cleanser that’s most appropriate for one’s skin type. Next is to treat specific skin concerns. The third step is the use of a balancing product that creates an optimal environment. Lastly, skin is protected from UV and environmental damage through the use of products with SPF.

Aging IS inevitable but we can always slow down the clock. A simple yet effective skin regimen is all we need to maintain our youthful beauty.

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