Summer is approaching. But are you ready to fight the heat and dryness?

Get the new confidence this summer time with Snoe beauty and cosmetics products, helmed by sisters in law Jen Diaz and Gen Gerodias. After several years in the making, this emerging brand will be the true answer to every Asian woman’s dream of achieving a glowing glamor.

The childhood obsessions of Jen and Gen did materialized as they carefully formulized ingredients with the help of chemists and dermatologists and then tested only on their closest friends, relatives and of course, themselves.

“ Snoe’s advantage is that it addresses skin imperfections through a problem-solving approach," Diaz said.

Their products were fashionably designed and packed and are for local market and importation.

The current bestseller is the beauty bar line with varieties of colors, fragrances and benefits. They are all made of high grade virgin coconut oil (rich in antioxidants and revitalizing nutrients. The soaps range from whitening Glutathione versions to fresh-scented organic citruses and exfoliating oatmeal bars.







Hair treatment

snoe hair  

"Beauty, in the eyes of the world, may not necessarily be achieved solely by using popular cosmetics from the West, because such things are formulated for the women and weather in that part of the world. It’s this discrepancy among different skin types and environments that prompts Snoé to come out with such diversity in their formulations. Since Asians live in more humid conditions and are more prone to sweating, we need beauty products that cater to our region’s conditions," Diaz offers.

Gerodias also reiterates that their products contain ingredients from Asian countries like jicama, papaya and calamansi. And whatever the weather would be, Snoe got it covered.

Snoé is "Stylish, premium, and Asian. We believe and encourage individuality while creating products that can cater to all. We are confident that every woman deserves the best and that everyone can reach their fullest potential," she added.