Anyone that has broken jewelry laying around has likely considered selling it at some point or another. The rare metals and precious stones present in most jewelry makes it a pretty valuable commodity, but figuring out where to get top dollars and how to sell online with confidence requires a bit of homework. In particular, selling one of the most valuable gemstones around, diamonds, requires the confidences of the seller.

After all, getting the most cash when parting with an asset is only human nature. Companies, like Diamond Lighthouse, offer free and insured shipping and expert evaluation so that buyers and sellers can complete a transaction in best way possible.


Shipping can be a major expense for any diamond seller. The packaging and insurance that goes along with sending a valuable object from one location to another can be an intimidating issue. Most reputable online diamond buyers offer free insured shipping to the facility where the inspection takes place and then also onto the buyer. Plus, the seller can realize a better profit margin by avoiding additional costs directly related to the selling process. In short, jewelry purchasing centers that include free and insured shipping stand out as some of the best.


As with any item of value, having a diamond or any piece of jewelry evaluated by an expert goes a long way in selling and buying with confidence. Once the item has been properly checked out and graded accordingly, the seller can realize a higher price and the buyer can buy with the peace of mind that the item was thoroughly examined by an independent expert. Basically, the expert opinion goes a long way in making sure that a smooth transaction will take place and that all parties receive a proper level of service and value.

In the end, diamond and jewelry buyers and sellers can have a great online experience. Potential sellers that seek out facilities that offer included free insured shipping and evaluation by an expert generally part with their items at a higher price. Parting with broken, damaged, or unwanted jewelry is a popular way for everyone to make a little money, and utilizing the services of a company that charges reasonable commission rates and excels in customer service just makes good business sense. After all, getting top dollar and keeping as much of the profit as possible is the essence of the selling process.