Trends come and go but the red hue never goes out of style during the Christmas Season.  It is quite likely to spot some men and women wearing outfits in shades of crimson during holiday events.  Even those who closely adhere to the latest fashion trends can be found wearing a touch of red on some occasions. Here are some of the latest trends for 2012 Christmas trends that go well with Santa’s fashionably red color.

1.       Red Velvet Dress.  This is the season to be bright and lovely in a rich velvet fabric that can catch everyone’s attention.  A knee-length red velvet dress with a touch of dark colored accents and paired with black high-heeled shoes for women can be a scene stealer in any party.

2.       Metallic Dress is another way to stand out in Christmas events.  However, one should be careful in wearing too much bright accessories with this outfit as it can easily turn from awesome to awful.  Short and slim-fit metallic dresses with matching dark colored accessories make a great outfit.

3.       Lace Dress.  The delicate patterns of the lace dress are still part of the trend for the Christmas Season.  Black, white or cream colored lace dresses can be worn with bright red accessories to add a splash of the Christmas spirit in these dainty outfits.