The intention was just only to go on window shopping in the mall.

But I got curious when I passed by a Payless Store. I thought all the products they sell were quality cheap and easy to worn-out. I was wrong.

I’ve read a few about the store but I did not know that they have arranged their shoes and sandals according to sizes and genre. What a convenient way to find my size and the available styles.

My first pick is a pair of semi-wedged brown shoe. I knew I could use it everyday at work. The first time I tried it, I got excited! This is the kind of comfort that I was looking for that I did not found from branded pairs that I bought!

When I asked for the price, it is lower that I thought! For the quality and comfort, the price was really a surprise!

After a month and when I’ve got a chance again to go to the mall, I visited Payless Store again and bought another pair.

Both pairs offer memory foam insole which cradles foot for lasting comfort, flexible outsole for natural movement and natural shape for comfortable fit.

I never heard of Predictions and its line before. But I became their new loyal customer.