What would it be for a company when it reached more than 20 years of successful existence? Will it considering paying it forward?

(photo credit to the owner)

Tutuban Center is 25 years old, but for this year’s celebration, their management have decided to forego with the usual glitzy celebration by focusing on activities that will help foster a stronger bond with its tenants, suppliers, partners and customers and the community.

Everything was simple, straightforward but with a deeper sense of purpose. This was demonstrated by a blood-letting activity in the morning where many of its employees participated and gamely donated precious blood for the benefit of those in need of it, like those suffering from certain blood-related ailments and other life-threatening diseases.

A Mass was also held in the afternoon in thanksgiving for all the blessings Tutuban Center received the past year.

In the evening, Tutuban Center took its anniversary celebration a notch higher as it held a “fashion-for-a-cause” charity event called “Fashion for Compassion.” The show was in partnership with Mode Elle, a fashion house that holds fashion shows to raise funds for charity, and select Tutuban Center tenants who served as clothing sponsors. The event sought to raise funds for Tahan-Tahanan and Child Haus to help them sustain the care and provision of shelter for cancer-stricken kids and their families from the provinces while seeking treatment in Manila.

A prosperous future is in the eyes of Tutuban Center but definitely, they won’t forget and leave behind those that helped them get to their first 25 years as they chart their course toward the next 25.