If it has been your hobby to stare hours and hours at Fashion TV or similar programs, you might have noticed that these models on the ramp aren’t wearing something that you can easily wear when you want to roam the shopping mall. Most of them are out of this world. From super big hats to spiky foot wears with matching strips of garments covering the model all over.

Surely these designers have superb imagination skills. Some are even recycling the most unexpected materials like using small nitrogen cylinder as the motif for their latest collection. Recycling is one of the most widely used fashion motifs in the world. In fact, some designers even use materials taken from the garbage and transform them into a glamorous dress or gown.

For themes like the one mentioned above, designers and coordinators see to it that everything being used for the event are from recyclable materials. Even the light coverings are made of recycled Sporting Goods Gas Cylinders and whole lot more.

Aside from the recycling theme, some designers would want to their craft to be remembered above everything else. One perfect example is the designer of the outfits of Lady Gaga and other similar personalities who would ramp on special events with head turner get ups. They may be branded as weird but admittedly it can easily be remembered. The meat dress that Lady Gaga once wore is one of those unforgettable ones. With out of this world imagination, creating weird yet awesome fashion trends would surely be endless.