In our world where appearances matter greatly and one is quickly, though sometimes unfairly, judged by how she carries herself, mirrors become an important accessory.

We have them in our bathrooms, in our bedrooms, and even a small one in our purses.  Vain as it may sound, we all do love looking at the mirror and appreciating our own beauty.  Admit it, you also do catch yourself glancing at mirrors you happen to pass by.  As long as you don’t waste the entire day just staring at yourself in the mirror and end up fixated on yourself much like what happened to Narcissus, there’s really nothing wrong with checking your appearance in mirrors.  That’s what mirrors are made for after all.

Aside from reflecting our beauty, mirrors can be used to make our homes beautiful as well. Contemporary mirrors placed strategically can enliven any space in the house.  Well-positioned mirrors can illuminate dark rooms and make them appear much more spacious.

Small living or dining spaces can be opened up with a large mirror placed on one wall.   One can also create an illusion of a skylight by lining a ceiling with mirrors.  When the light is turned on, the mirrored ceiling reflects the light.  This works well in pantries, dark entry ways, and windowless toilets.  Small gardens and patios can also be given an illusion of space using well-placed mirrors which can also magnify the beauty of plants in your small paradise.  Just make sure that you use weatherproof mirrors if you’d be placing them outdoors.

Mirrors do feed more than just our vanity — they do serve various purposes quite useful in our daily life.

Next time you look in the mirror to appreciate how well you look, be thankful to those who have invented and improved mirrors that help keep us and our surroundings beautiful.