A horseback riding escapade has been all set and now you’re confused on what you’re supposed to wear. A pair of jeans and a shirt would be fine but for the sake of appropriateness of clothing, equestrian apparel would be a lot better.

Finding one won’t be that difficult because online equestrian shops are already available. If you’re worrying about the price, you can actually look for samples online and the cheaper version in some discount stores.

Basically, equestrian fashion is about checkered blouses, leather boots, jeans and earth colored hats but with creative mix and match skills, you can come up with a lot of variations. It won’t matter if your outfit is not of the top brands but putting together the right pieces is enough.

If still you still can’t imagine what your outfit is, just wear anything you’re comfortable of wearing. Don’t forget to reveal less skin. Horses can go crazy and you might get bruises so better cover up as much as you can.

Enjoying the horseback riding activity is not all about how fashionable you are when you experience it. But this is more of  acknowledging the people you’re with and the experience when you feel closer with a horse.