The probability of heat exhaustion and heat stroke because of too much exposure to sun is very high, now that some countries in Asia like Philippines are on summer season.

Summer days become hotter and hotter. Although there are some rains due to La Nina phenomenon, still, the the sun smile too fiercely.

Weather experts advises everyone to avoid sun exposure especially from 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. Otherwise, it is a must to bring UV light protection like umbrella or eye shades and use sunblock for your skin.

And in the tropical country, getting your face more oily is very likely.

But how do you wash oily skin? Here are few tips that you could consider trying:

1. Gentle, oil-targeting soap works better than a cleanser. Use it thrice daily on your oil-prone skin.

2. Toners take away all the dirt. Use it after every wash.

3. Moisturizer are your saving grace. You may choose something light, non-sticky and depending on your skin type and apply a little at a time on face.

3. Sunblock is your best friend. A water-based sunblock protects oily skin and religious application will pay-off.