Real fur coats are very expensive pieces of luxury.  It is a fashion investment that must be given special care.

Fur coats are best kept in a fur storage facility during the warm summer months.  These facilities are able to control humidity and temperature to prevent mold growth and keep your fur coats in their best condition.  This will ensure that your fur coats will retain their beauty through their life which is about 20 to 30 years.

Vintage fur coats, on the other hand, may not require special storage anymore as they are near the end of their life.  You may opt to store them at home as long as you keep the following considerations in mind:

Odors easily adhere to fur, leather and wool so avoid using cedar and mothballs inside the closet where you will be keeping your fur coats.

Moisture can  facilitate growth of molds in your coats’ linings. Avoid storing your furs in the basement or in any area that is high in humidity.

Sunlight can oxidize fur coats and dry up oils.  Keep furs away from direct sunlight and too much heat.  Your bedroom closet may be a good enough place to store your vintage fur coat as long as it does not get too warm in the summer.

Fur coats need to breathe and they need plenty of space to hang freely.  Never cover them with plastic or cramp them together in a small closet.  If you must cover your furs, use cotton garment bags or cotton sheets instead.

These may help keep your fur in good condition, but it is still highly advisable to take them to a fur storage facility for the best treatment possible.