Let’s face it, Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas time, giving a gift wrapped in standard store bought wrapping paper can be a little dreary. Breaking the norm and making your own customized personal wrapping paper to wrap that special gift in is unquestionably one of the best methods for making some lasting memories.

To personalize your own wrapping paper there are a number of methods you can use. To start you could purchase some plain white wrapping paper and use artistic materials to add that special touch. Use paints for a timeless look, or for a more bold style why not use artist’s charcoal. To achieve a more fun loving and child-like style you could pick up some crayons from the shops and trace your hand onto the wrapping paper or draw clouds, houses and big trucks.

When giving a gift to the person who loves current affairs, consider taking some newspaper and wrapping your gift in it, just like the way fish and chips used to be served! You could additionally invest in a newspaper from the day the individual receiving the gift was born and use that for wrapping paper, or perhaps that on it’s own is all the gift you need to give. Magazines often have pullout pages that can make great wrapping paper, as an example does your friend love to surf? Then go ahead and grab a surf magazine and get wrapping!

You could potentially go the extra mile and use some material that relates to the gift that you’re giving to wrap it. If you’re giving a tool-set to your dad for fathers day then wouldn’t it be a kick for him to receive it all wrapped up in some sand paper. If you’re giving someone a brand new camera as a gift go ahead and wrap it in a bunch of photos of the two of you – a unique gift delivered in a personalized way that will leave an impression forever.

You’re almost done once you’ve selected your perfect wrapping paper and completed the wrap process, however there is one element you’re forgetting! Don’t worry, not many people do remember this, but it is the step that will really make your wrapping paper sticker stand out from the rest… A customized label! Custom labels are simple enough to create, you can get a blank sticker from a stationary supplier and continue with your artistic style when addressing the gift, or for a crisper, sleeker touch you could venture online and utilize a custom label printing service.

These services will allow you to choose some pre-designed artwork or upload your own so that you can give that gift in style and make sure that no one else will come close to providing the experience that you are giving to your friend.

With these simple tips and tricks you should be able to up your gift-giving wow-factor in no time!