Accessorizing your iPhone does not have to cost you an arm and leg. There are heaps of great iPhone accessories that don’t cost the earth, so you can have the best of both worlds, with great accessories that make life easier, and save your money to spend on more important things.

Here are a few ways to accessorize your iPhone on a budget.

Make your own case

Designing and making your own iPhone case is easy and will save you heaps of cash. Get a cheap iPhone 5 case and using clear lacquer cover it with pictures, dried flowers or other things in a design of your choice and stick it all on. Covering it over with the resin will enable it to all stay together and last for a while.

External Speakers

Rather than buying a stereo or a special iPhone dock to listen to music, you can get some really cool little external speakers that are quite cheap. A lot of them put out a decent sound and are a great alternative to the usual iPhone dock if you are short of cash and can’t afford to buy one. The best thing about it is that you can take them to a park our outdoor gathering and have music even if you don’t have a plug handy.

Cheap Hands Free

There are some really awesome hands free options available that are a cheaper version of the real thing. They might not last as long as the real apple ones but they sure do save you money in the beginning and do the trick as well as any other hands free headphone set. Trying a generic version will save you money so you have more to spend on fun times.

Kazoo Owl Case

If your kids are using your iPhone then you are going to want to take some precautions so that they don’t break it when they are using it over-enthusiastically. The Kazoo Owl Case is a great case for protecting your iPhone and it looks great too! Not only available in the Owl cover but is also available as other animal friends too! Everyone loves going to the zoo, but with this case, the zoo comes to you!

Screen Protector

So you might not want to go the whole way and have a case, but as you know, the iPhone is known for its signature look of having a cracked screen. Why not protect yours by getting a screen protector to ensure that even if you do drop your phone it will be safe inside its plastic screen protected covering. This will ensure that there is one less person with a cracked screen and it costs less than buying a cover for your phone.