Have you recently been invited to a lunch or dinner party and are struggling to think of what to bring the host or hostess to show your appreciation? You’re in luck; here are seven different gift ideas that you can use for inspiration.

With Love, from Belgium

The Belgians are famous for three things that just happen to make excellent gifts: beer, chocolate, and waffles. Bring along a six-pack of some of the finest Belgian beer around and you’ll instantly be a hit at the party. Or perhaps a box of Guylian chocolates? Or what about gifting your host with a waffle maker and a laminated waffle recipe?

Rechargeable Bottle Light

Shaped like a wine cork, these nifty little contraptions will turn any empty bottle into a glowing lamp and interesting table feature. The lights come in a wide range of colours and no doubt will be a welcome addition to any home.

Drip Coffee Kit

Espresso machines are so last decade! For the last few years, the popularity of drip coffee has slowly been increasing. Although you can now order a drip coffee in some of the best cafés around the world, an increasing number of people are making their own drip coffee at home, thanks to affordable and easy-to-use drip coffee kits. They make excellent gifts to bring with you to any dinner party because, after all, who doesn’t like coffee, especially after a hearty meal and dessert?

Bonsai Tree

No matter whether your host is a man or a woman, a bonsai tree makes for the perfect gift. Not only do they require little in the way of maintenance and are able to flourish even when kept indoors, but they also have a ton of character and can really inject a little life into an otherwise lacklustre space in your host’s home. Bonsai isn’t the only option when it comes to giving plants as gifts though; check out a home décor specialist, such as Super Amart, to get some great ideas.

(photo credit to the owner)


Oil Diffuser with Essential Oils

Help your host create a nice environment at home by bringing over an oil diffuser kit with essential oils for their next dinner party. These kits not only release sweet smelling aromas in the air – such as lavender, pine and cinnamon – but they will also increase the humidity of the room.

Spa Treatment Gift Voucher

Show your appreciation for the time and effort your host or hostess put into putting on a fantastic dinner party by giving them a gift voucher for a great local spa. Pedicure treatments, back massages, facials – there are so many treatments out there. If you feel like you haven’t really had time to really catch up with the host, why not book both of you in for a treatment?

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Never let your host run out of basil or sage again by giving them an indoor herb garden kit. Not only do they ensure a constant supply of herbs, but they just look great in just about any home!

What other gift ideas do you have for that next dinner party or BBQ? Comment with your suggestions below.