Fall is fast approaching and the fashion enthusiasts are also getting ready for their much anticipated fab ramp. Among the numerous fall outfit choices, the equestrian fashion is the perfect way of looking chic with less skin exposure.

For the information of everyone, equestrian clothing isn’t just for horse riders but can also be worn by anybody. You don’t have to become a cowboy or cowgirl to deserve such look. It is actually a combination of plaid blouses partnered with a tight jeans and leather boots. However, it should not be limited on those mentioned because too much of it promotes a tough image rather than being gorgeous.

That’s why, equestrian fashion experts come up with a whole new set of outfit that can still be branded as such and can be worn anywhere but with a little twist of softer feel and femininity.

Instead of plaid top, it can be turned into plaid dress partnered with a pair of leather boots. If you do not want to stick away with the tight jeans, you can play around with your top by choosing another earth-colored, collared blouse topped with quilted Caldene Jackets from equestrian-clearance.

If you’re just going to let your imagination explore other possible combinations, then there’s no doubt that you would be able to come up with an awesome equestrian look. Just simply stick to the basic components and nothing can go wrong. Always remember that everything would always boil down on how confident you are wearing it rather than focusing on the brands and color combinations. It doesn’t even need to be expensive to achieve that look. Your good old jeans can always do the magic.

Fall is coming and it pays to get ready more than anyone else. Do not hesitate to experiment and don’t forget to feel good all the time with whatever you’re wearing.