Summer’s almost halfway through but there’s still plenty of time to travel to a new destination. Aside from money, your passport, and personal documents, here are five more items you absolutely must-have anywhere you go:

1. Sunblock. Most bring sunblock only when they’re going to the beach. But the sun doesn’t shine only at the beach, does it? Always have a tube of sunblock in your purse wherever you’re going. Slather some on even if you’d just be walking outside for a block or so.

2. Smart Phone. Phone, email, camera, music player – all in a smartphone. Does this one even need explaining?

3. Antibacterial Wipes. These wipes come really handy for quick cleanups wherever you are. They’re definitely must-haves when travelling to places where you have no choice but to use icky public restrooms.

4. Water Bottle. Whether you’re just driving a few states away or going to an exotic island destination, always, always, always have a bottle of water with you. Most airlines won’t allow you to bring in a full water bottle but you can bring an empty one with you and just fill it up at the water fountain before boarding.

5. Feminine Wash. Why? It’s simply a woman need that protection wherever she may go. It’s also best to use a feminine wash that would keep you feel fresh for the whole day! Just like what Priva Intimate washe could give you!

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