Most people who wear wigs want to take the best possible care of them. They want to keep their wigs looking appealing for several years. One of the most important wig care products is a hairbrush. Here are some of the most valuable features to look for in hairbrushes used to care for wigs.

First, a hairbrush that is made for wigs should have bristles that are designed to gently care for synthetic hair. A brush that pulls and stretches the hair can cause it to fall out or become tangled. A brush that is made with synthetic hair in mind does the job of removing tangles and snags without causing damage to the strands of hair.

Next, a hairbrush made for wigs will be easy to maneuver. The brush will have a handle that allows a person to have a firm grip so he or she can brush through the wig completely. Also, the brush will be helpful to a person who wants to style the wig in a particular fashion. A light-weight, well-made brush is a plus for anyone caring for a wig.

Finally, the hairbrush should be easy to clean. Dirt, dust and loose hair must be washed out of the brush on a regular basis so they won’t be brushed back into the hair. Also, a brush must be cleaned to get rid of any oils that build-up. A simple cleaning under a faucet should be enough for a hairbrush that is made to care for wigs.

(photo credit to the owner)