Fashionable WomanIf you’re into fashion and your jeans are getting tighter and tighter, your waistline is actually telling you something. In fact, it can be a health warning. Many women are aware that their expanding waistline is just the price of getting older. This is especially true after menopause, because body fat seems to shift from hips, legs and arms to the abdominal area.

This increase of belly fat makes it harder to zip up those jeans and wear other fashionable apparel. Researchers have discovered belly fat increases your risk of diabetes, some cancers, cardiovascular disease and even early death. The best news is that belly fat can be reduced and hawthorn supplements and more specifically Nature’s Best hawthorn can help.

Research has not confirmed the many new benefits from Hawthorn Berries. This improvement has helped many patients who suffered from high blood pressure, high LDL, cardiovascular and respiratory problems. The berry even has a pleasantly unique tart taste.

Some physicians have added Hawthorn berries with a combination of cayenne pepper to offer relief of potentially fatal heart failure. It was also found to decrease symptoms like shortness of breath, high blood pressure, weak hearts, and heart palpitations.

So when that waistline starts expanding the best diet is one that is healthy. Drink lots of water to wash away fats as you begin to lose weight. Place emphasis on low-dairy products including milk, butter and cheese. Choose leanest sources of meat or alternatives for protein. Adding more plant-based foods, like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Don’t allow fashion to bring you down, but use it as a motivating factor to stay fit. In addition to allowing fashion to be a driving force, watch your food portions. Keep portion sizes smaller, but don’t skip any meals. Keeping blood sugar levels even will give more energy and less moody. When eating out take half of the meal home to eat later.

As with any diet and exercise changes, consult your physician for help getting started. Aim for the slow, steady weight loss of up to 2-pounds weekly. Those fad diets that help you lose big in the beginning are too difficult to maintain. Most people, who lose too many pounds quickly, gain back what they lost plus a few extra pounds.

Adding brisk walking, vigorous aerobic activities, and strength training exercise while recommended are just not beneficial to everyone. Winter keeps us indoors much of the time so decide to start slowly and work up to healthy exercises.

Even couch potatoes can increase exercise by standing up for every commercial. Walk up and down stairs five times a day. Dance and sing with the radio. This is using calories and is fun so it will lift your spirits.

Have fun with something other than food. Take vitamin supplements where needed. It helps you stay healthy, lose inches around your waist, and your favorite pair of jeans will look great again. By summer your friends will notice how great you look and you’ll be ready to check out more fashionable apparel that you will easily fit into.