Never get tired of cleaning your face even if you’re too tired from work or school, especially before going to bed. Always remove your makeup and apply moisturizer. You’ll be thankful in the morning!

But cleaning your face is not just to cleanse it, and that’s enough. Remember, your face is the gate of your soul. Read what Carmindy suggests:

  • If using soap and water, never use regular body soap on your face. Choose pH-balanced facial soaps suited to your skin type.
  • Use a terry-cloth washcloth to wash your face which can help slough off dead skin cells.
  • Never use hot water if you’re prone to ruddiness. It just can irritate capillaries and cause further reddening.
  • Mix a small amount of baking soda with a drop of liquid facial cleanser for lighter, brighter-looking skin without bleaching.
    Exfoliate your face at least few times a week.
  • Be gentle when exfoliating, massage longer instead of scrubbing harder.
  • Plain white sugar is the best exfoliant around!