I love receiving corporate giveaways that are totally useful. Those that I can bring with me everyday, whether it is raining or the sun is shining. An umbrella is an absolute necessity especially with today’s weather becoming more unpredictable because of climate change. I never leave home without my old, reliable umbrella. Having said that, it is something that most of us would like to receive for free.

Branded Umbrella does not really care if you are a hotshot company or a small regional sports team. They get the job done no matter what. They design, create, and produce custom golf umbrellas, custom corporate umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, and custom compact umbrellas for sporting clubs, corporate clients and promotional events. They make sure that the umbrellas mirror the company’s identity. They do this by designing specifically for the company, with their established branding, logo, corporate colors, and client’s requested needs always in mind. For people who doubt Branded Umbrella’s legitimacy, they can instead visit their retail store in Melbourne and negotiate personally with their staff.  

They use only the highest quality materials to manufacture their custom umbrella. Some are made of fibreglass while others are made of steel and wood. It is up to the client if they want their company logo to be printed and if they want optional branded packaging.

No matter what their requirements are, Branded Umbrella will definitely make uniquely designed umbrellas that supplement the company’s identity. Among their clients are BMW, Miele, Leopard Systems, Western Water, Hilton, Sofitel Luxury Hotels and many others.