Preparing for a storybook wedding may be something that the bride has been doing for several years, but it may never have crossed the mind of the groom until after the proposal. Once this step has been taken, however, there will be several important decisions that will require the attention of the man. One of these important decisions will center on men’s wedding rings. If you think that your choices are limited because the rings are for men, think again. With several different metals available to a wide variety of style options, the groom’s ring can be as unique as the bride’s ring.

How Important Is Your Budget?

One expert has recommended that the bride and groom estimate 3% of the wedding budget for the groom’s ring. When it comes right down to it, though, the wedding rings are perhaps the only physical things that you’ll be keeping with you for years after the ceremonies have been completed. Make sure that the rings you finally settle on will reflect your commitment to the relationship.

Find a Good Match between the Groom and the Ring

ring for groom It is important to consider how well the ring will fit the groom’s lifestyle, preferences, and personality. Consider the type of employment that the groom has. Some metals can withstand the rigors of manual labor, heavy lifting, or outdoor work. On the other hand, fine detailing on the surface of the ring may be put at risk if you have a hobby such as woodworking.

You’ll find that it is necessary to answer the following questions to determine whether a ring is a good match or not:

  • Which metal do you prefer?

  • Is comfort or style most important?

  • Do you want gemstones in the ring?

  • Are you looking for a matching ring set?

There are several different metals available for grooms today that you can check out at this website. Some of the most common include gold (a traditional favorite), silver, titanium, and platinum. While platinum tends to be the priciest, titanium is gaining a strong following because of their strength and resistance to scratches. Many grooms are opting for a mix of different metals which can create a very stylish design.

If comfort takes a higher priority than style, then you may want to choose a ring with curved edges and a smooth curve on the inside of the ring. Naturally, the ring will have a more comfortable fit when the right size has been chosen. Take care to have the ring fitted when you are not over-heated or swollen for any reason.

There are some cultural traditions that call for gemstones in the groom’s wedding ring. However, the variety of men’s ring styles has also offered the choice of gemstones to men from any background. The addition of diamonds for the groom is becoming increasingly common.

Many couples enjoy the unity of a matching ring set. If this is a preference that you have, then this may limit your choices somewhat. However, with the availability of Internet shopping, chances are good that someone has the ring set that you’re looking for.

A Ring to Last?

Most couples probably go into ring buying with the idea that this one ring will be THE ring for the next 60 years or so. However, if your current budget doesn’t accommodate the dreams that you have, consider sticking within your budget now and then upgrading the ring for a special anniversary a few years down the road.

Article courtesy of Shane Co.