Women often use belts as accents for their outfits or to flatter their figures. Men on the other hand wear it for utilitarian purposes like completing their ensemble or holding up their pants. 

Regardless of one’s purpose for wearing a belt, careful attention should be given in choosing a belt. There are two basic considerations when buying a belt, the first one is the purpose of the belt and the other one is the size.

Belts come in different materials, sizes and forms knowing one’s objective for wearing a belt can narrow down the list of materials to choose from. 

Wearing belts made of metallic hoops or one that resembles as set of u bolts strung together may work in making a fashion statement but not with corporate attire.  In general, the material of the belt should match your outfit’s color and material.  Leather belts with subdued buckles can be outfit staples for men’s professional wear, but it can look bad or awkward on women’s corporate dresses.

Another factor to be considered is the size of the belt.  When it comes to choosing the length of the belt, some experts recommend an allowance of two inches longer than the actual waistline. 

The width of the belt depends on the height and figure of the person. A skinny belt can flatter slim waists and short legs, medium size belts which are around 1-2 inches thick can work with any figure or body type, and wide belts look good on tall willowy figures or if worn with low waist jeans.