Already feeling the heat of summer? Just recently, the highest temperature in the Metro Manila, Philippines for this year was recorded at 34.5 degrees Celsius! And in this season, wearing a light face could sooth the heat. Stay bright and carefree!

Just sharing what Female Network suggested for ladies on what to wear on your face during this season.

Pink LipsPink Lips

Pink is a fun, flirty shade that brightens up the face instantly. Pair light-colored, glossy lips with heavily lined or smoky eyes for an evening out, while natural-looking eye makeup looks great with dark pink. To wear a semi-matte stain, apply a cream lipstick on your lips, then use your finger to spread the product outwards—blurring any evident lines on the edges. To make thin lips appear fuller, dot the center of your lower lip with an iridescent gloss.

Strong Eyeseyes

Keep brows light when wearing dark eye makeup so that your features don’t clash with each other. Use a clear mascara to tame unruly brows. If you have dark circles under your eyes, makeup pros suggest skipping black eyeliner on the lower lash line, as this emphasizes dark shadows. Shimmery eye shadow makes a great backdrop for dark-lined eyes. Try golden brown shades for a warm, sexy finish.

smooth skinUltra Smooth Skin

A clean base is the key to achieving this look. Smooth on a lightweight foundation in light, downward strokes, starting at the jawline and working toward the forehead. Mask dark circles and other unwanted spots with a creamy concealer, then run loose powder on the area with a face brush to help it last longer. For a natural-looking glow, swipe a powder highlighter on your cheeks, eyelids, and nose bridge.

Peach cheeks and lipscheeks

Mix two kinds of cheek blush to give your cheeks a 3-D finish. Apply your first color on the apple of your cheeks, then add a brighter shade for a pop of color. Choose just one facial feature to show off the color. Wearing peach on your eyes, cheeks, and lips is too repetitive.

messy updoMessy Updo

It doesn’t take a lot to pull up your hair in a carefree style like this one. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to sweep tresses into a high ponytail. Secure them with a ponytail holder, then wind the loose locks until they form a bun. Secure with grips, then spritz with hairspray. For added body, apply a volumizing product, then tease the hair in the crown area before pulling it up and back. Finish off with a shine serum or a moisture-rich product for added gloss.