Many of us Brits love to take our holidays in sunnier climes, and this couldn’t be more true than for our honeymoons where we simply want to escape with our new partner and spend some quality time together. We go on the search of sunshine, white sandy beaches, refined restaurants and sumptuous spa experiences. But with everything else going on in the lead up to your wedding itself, it can be hard to figure out what to bring along with you on your honeymoon – especially if you are heading there straight after your big day. As a wedding planner, I often remind brides to have a look in their wardrobe or hit the shops before they get too stressed out with minor details; here’s what I tell them to look for…

Bikini and sarong

Days spent on the beach relaxing on a sun bed or hammock are perfect for simple swimwear, whether a bikini, tankini or swimming costume. Bring along a sarong in your beach bag for a bit of extra coverage when you walk down to the sea to dip your toes in the water. You shouldn’t need to get up too much though if you’re in a top resort as it’s likely you’ll have people waiting on you hand and foot, especially as you are on a special holiday.

Evening dresses

After a day chilling out, you can continue your relaxed mood into the evening as you head to dinner for a delicious meal and high quality drinks. There are some colours that will bring out your golden suntan further such as white, but black is always a sophisticated option. For your evening meals, bring along a couple of stylish cocktail dresses and elegant evening dresses, as well as some key accessories like pearls, diamonds and neck scarves.

Matching lingerie

It’s not just what you wear on top that makes you feel good though; many women also like to consider the base of their outfit, their underwear. Many brides tell me that they’ve found a gorgeous matching set of white lacy underwear for their wedding night, but they often forget to consider their honeymoon when they are in the lingerie section of a department store. Find a set in black, and then at least one more set in a bright colour that makes you smile.

Casual wear

You don’t need to dress up for your entire holiday though, as you might go on some excursions where you need to be a bit more comfortable whilst still looking stylish. For that reason, you should find some shorts, t-shirts and vests that will save you from a strong breeze on the sea, or a respectable outfit for walking in a foreign city.


Some days just feel too hot for shorts though, so if you want to feel a breeze on your legs, opt for a few sundresses instead. You’ll be able to pick from many styles and cuts, including halternecks, strappy, sweetheart and strapless dresses.

This is a guest post.

About the author : Bridget Fernswick is a wedding planner from the UK. Her favourite outfit on her own honeymoon was a black cocktail dress paired with patent grey stilettos, dark grey neck scarf and diamond jewellery.